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Duriemas group of Companies is incorporated in Malaysia to develop a few Provincial districts in South East Asia through large-scale investments to turn the District to become a modern and strategic industrial hub in Southeast Asia and Central Asia. 

Duriemas group will invest, build and operate Smart Industrial  Park comprising of the state of the art of Agro-Food Industrial Park, Smart Halal Industrial Park, Biomedical Manufacturing Hub, Medical City and R&D Eco Park supported by Distributed Smart Grid System, Centralised Utilities and Ports (Inland Port/ Seaport/Logistic Hub).

Duriemas group of Companies also focus on new technologies and digitalisation in public and private sectors. We are working closely with our key technology partners such as HUAWEI, SUNLINE, THALES and other major technology players to enable and fast track digitalisation across all sectors, including but not limited to Banking, Public Administration, Agriculture, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Education and Healthcare  


Our vision is to turn the Provincial District that we are developing into the most recognizable international industrial hub in Asia supporting the String of Pearls route and the One Belt One Road (OBOR) route.

 To be the major enabler for technology and digitalisation for the nation and the region.